My name is Francesco Rossani. I was born in Rome in 1973. I am Swiss-Italian and I own both a swiss and an italian academic degree in Dentistry.

For nearly a decade I’ve been integrating clinical hypnosis in my everyday practice, using it for sedation and anaesthesia. Through hypnosis I often help my smoker patients with my single-session smoke cessation method. I constantly keep up-to-date on the latest scientific research on hypnosis and share it on my lectures and courses. I love to refine my techniques and found some new, quick and effective methods to induce hypnosis.

In the last years I devoted myself to the diffusion of this fantastic instrument by teaching its principles and techniques around Italy and Europe, mainly through training courses and lectures for medical panels, universities and associations.



Hypnosis is a clinical phenomenon based on neurophysiological mechanisms. In common opinion, however, it is often considered something mysterious and weird or, sometimes, a hoax. This is mainly due to the spectacular use of hypnosis along stage or TV hypnosis shows or the fictional interpretation of the phenomenon given by films, novels and comics. The medical use of hypnosis has a long, but disregarded, history hailing from the over 300 surgeries under hypnotic analgesia performed by James Esdaile in the mid of XIX century. Nowadays hypnosis is breaking through again in the medical field. In Italy Molinette Hospital, in Turin, is specialized in childbirthing under hypnosis; the University of Padua in 2013 published the report of a skin tumor removal under hypnosis. In Belgium the anesthesiologists at University of Liège routinely use hypnosis as an integration of surgical sedation and/or anesthesy.

Three speed inductions for smoke cessation.


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A “handshake interrupt” induction demostration during a course in Trieste, Italy, 2013

I love teaching hypnosis. I find it to be too a useful and versatile tool not to be in the toolbox of every health practitioner. I also love keeping in touch with the colleagues I taught hypnosis and learn about the success they have applying my techniques.

To date, I have given an overview on clinical hypnosis to about 860 colleagues in Europe and I have trained to the practical use of it 362 clinical practitioners (data updated on march, 16th 205). Among the latter, according to a recent private poll, 54% have successfully included hypnosis in their daily clinical routine, while the majority of the remaining 46% use hypnosis on selected patients.

Achieving an effective hypnosis on a patient is a matter of preparation and techniques. No particular skills are required but a certain inclination to inter-personal contact and communication. Since hypnosis is operator-dependent, each practitioner will be able to decline it according to his or her personal style. Luckily, hypnosis can be easily learned. For a health practitioner it is fundamental to choose a dedicated course, provided by a physician, for physicians.

My best selling Course, Hypnotic Sedation, is now available in a brand new International Edition (in english). This compact Course has a duration of 16 hours on 2 days. It has been designed in order to offer the participant the best learning workflow, even if a total novice regarding hypnosis. The Course will give you a solid knowledge of hypnosis under the most recent neurophysiological point of view. You will learn easy, predictable, yet powerful induction and deepening techniques, ready to be immediately applied on your patients. These techniques include my own speed hand induction.



SEPTEMBER 4-5 2015



The cost of the Course is € 600 (+ italian VAT 22%) but you can save € 50 if you subscribe before july the 15th 2015. Hence, if you purchase the Course before this date, the cost for you will be € 550 (+ italian VAT 22%).

This is the final cost:

Included in the participation fee:

  • 16 hours Practical Course “Hypnotic Sedation”, in 2 consecutive 8 hours days, in the above mentioned dates and location;
  • certificate of attendance;
  • ebook “The HY Method – Hypnotize yourself and go for it” (Self-hypnosis handbook);
  • access to the videos and photos shot during the Course;
  • 2 lunches and 2 coffe breaks.

Not included in the participation fee:

  • whatever not mentioned in the above “included in” list (hotel accomodation, travel, extra meals, touristic services, transport facilities)

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